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Location and Staff

Bakersfield Adult School
2727 “F” Street Bakersfield, CA 93301
Office Number-661-861-1151

Health Careers Center


Jay Sullivan
BAS Health Coordinator

Jim Keene
Site Administrator

Rosa Zamora
School Secretary

Lisa Lizarraga
Clerical Specialist

Larry Sanford
School Community Specialist/Campus Security

Michelle Gonzalez
NA Instructor

Diane Lewis(LVN,DSD)

MA Instructor

Jeanette Mercado(CMBS)
MBC Instructor

Tifany Porto (Medical Assistant)
MA Instructor

Katrina Price (RN)
Vocational Nurse Instructor

General Adult Education Staff

Carolyn Jimenez
Bi-lingual Clerical Specialist
Independent Study / ESL / Distant Learning

Patty McCallister
Instructional Assistant
Medical Programs

Laurel Britton
Independent Study Instructor

Denice Gary-Pandol
ESL Instructor

John Rand
ESL / Citizenship Distance Learning Instructor

Sarah Findley
Vocational Nurse Instructor