Career Resource Department (CRD)

Career Resource Department, in partnership with the Local Workforce Investment Board, is committed to providing quality education and youth development to both in and out-of-school youth. Multiple programs ensure each young person is provided the right education and training package to meet their individual needs.

This commitment to excellence and continuous improvement is reflected in CRD programs being three time recipients of the PEPNet (Promising and Effective Practices Network) award from the National Youth Employment Coalition and US Department of Labor.

Other awards received by CRD:

Beautiful Bakersfield Award – Education Category
Kern Press Club Award for Excellence
Bronze Medal – The Columbia Scholastic Press Association
PEPNet – Three time award winner

CTIES- Career Training, Interhship Education and Summer

C-TIES offers comprehensive youth and workforce development activities for in-school youth. Program services are divided into two operational segments: 1) school year support and 2) paid summer work experience. During the school year emphasis is placed on educational achievement and life skills. Certificated instructors conduct Career Education classes for youth to gain life and employability skills. An incentive point system measures progress of the participant towards these goals. Through WIA participation, school attendance, and academic achievement, a student is able to participate in the summer work experience components.

PAVE- Personal and Vocational Exploration

PAVE is specifically designed to provide services to youth with disabilities. CRD works with KHSD Special Education Department to identify potential participants. The summer component consists of consecutive weeks of paid project-based learning. During the school year staff monitors academic performance and attendance. Incentives are paid for successful accomplishment of these objectives.

Project Success

Project Success serves in-school youth who are in the foster care system. It provides youth the opportunity to obtain 5 credits towards high school graduation in an 8th period class in Career Development. The course focuses on soft skills and attainment of independent living skills needed for life after emancipation. Successful completion of the course entitles them to summer paid work experience.

REAP- Re-entry Eduation Attainment Program

REAP is designed to give high school drop-out youth the opportunity to get their lives back “on-track,” earn a high school diploma or GED, learn employability skills, and improve self-esteem. Each participant is enrolled into the Bakersfield Adult School. Participants are monitored for attendance and progress throughout the school year, provided guidance with goal setting, life skills, and career exploration. Incentive stipends, paid work experience life/soft skills workshops, and supportive services are provided to all REAP students, providing them with motivation to stay in school and graduate.

Quest 4 Success

Quest 4 Success is active in local participating Continuation Schools: Nueva in Lamont, Vista P and Tierra Del Sol. This program has two parts: a six week 8th period class and six weeks of paid work experience. This occurs 3 times thoughout the year. Participants are monitored for attendance and progress throughout the school year and incentive stipends can be earned for grades and participation.

CS² – Careers, Schools, Success

CS² is a program for the high school graduates or older youth who need life skills and vocational training to successfully transition into being a self-sufficient adult. CS² is a three phase program; Phase #1 is a basic skills/life skills course. Upon successful completion participants move into Phase #2 which are “Before You Work” workshops. Phase #3 consists of paid work experience in the private sector coupled with ongoing workshops to reinforce soft skills.

ACT- Adolescent Career Transition

ACT is designed to assist youth, age 18 to 21, who are emancipating from the foster care system achieve self–sufficiency. Paid work experience is coupled with life skills courses to assist youth with the transition to adulthood. Referrals to this program are made via the Department of Human Services who continues to work with CRD staff to ensure the success of the young adults. Workshops are conducted around topics of interest as determined by participants to further assist their transition to adulthood. Incentives are available to eligible participants providing further external motivation for success.

Dream Center – 1212 18th Street

The Dream Center provides a non-traditional environment, where current and emancipated foster youth receive comprehensive community services. The Dream Center provides: education assistance, transition assistance, and individual linkages to higher education, vocation, and/or community employment. The inclusion of a working coffee shop serves as a job incubator.

FOP- Farmworker Opportunity Program

FOP provides assistance to qualifying farm workers and their dependents who have the legal right to work in the United States, are income eligible and meet age requirements. The Farmworker Opportunity Program provides paid work experience and on the job training. Employers’ Training Resource provides educational incentives, food referrals and mileage reimbursement for those who qualify for FOP